How does our integrated process work?

Professionals are often reticent to promote themselves and their services.

Discretion is part of the professional demeanour and self-promotion flies in the face of decorum.

The prevailing approach to marketing is a passive one: if you do excellent work for your clients, word will get around and clients will come.

However, attrition affects even the most well-established practices. And the internet has increased competition in every field, both in terms of making information accessible to the general public and the ability of professionals to practice outside of their immediate geographical range or extend their partnerships across borders. This has also put a downward pressure on fees. Given compelling reasons, the clients you are interested in serving will not choose services based on price. But it would be a mistake to assume that the value you add is self-evident.

Another characteristic of professionals that creates a marketing challenge is that they often have difficulty expressing how their practice differs from the one down the street. In highly regulated environments, services offered can seem uniform.

Our integrated process starts with finding the DNA that makes your practice unique, your specific differentiators. We map the ‘journey’ a prospect takes in becoming a first-time client, and gradually becoming a satisfied and long-term ambassador for your firm. We consider the brand you have already created, whether deliberately or inadvertently, and evaluate how well it is working for you. We build a strategy to enhance the elements that are working well and how to reposition other aspects that are not contributing to the growth and reputation of your practice.