About the Firm

Diana Wiley, Principal

Diana Wiley is a communications expert with a strategic mindset and broad experiential base. An accomplished writer with a knack for translating complicated concepts and technical language into clear and elegant English, she is the ‘secret weapon’ of many professionals in the investment and related financial fields. She is also a graphic designer, which allows her to move from raw notes to a beautifully written and presented document in a single work process. Aside from the streamlined efficiency of this approach, her ability to merge words, images and design elements make her printed and electronic materials, presentations and websites very compelling.

She has a keen understanding of the complex needs of affluent clients and the changing roles of their professional advisors, gleaned from several sources. Her volunteer service on the boards of various charitable organizations has given her deep insights into people’s relationship with their money and the legacies they want to leave. Her international work as a journalist and market researcher taught her to listen well and look beyond the easy answers. She draws on her experience as the creative director of an advertising agency to craft messages for many different audiences and devise effective strategies to reach targeted audiences with the right message.

New clients frequently tell her that they have difficulty differentiating their services from others in the highly regulated environments in which they work. They benefit from her strategic approach and her clear-sighted ability to see a world of differentiators.